claseintermedio_0003Who is this program for?

  • For High School and University Students as an additional support
  • For Spanish Teachers and Professors who are looking for ideas, suggestions, clarification and resources
  • For Business Professionals, Church Workers, Medical Teams, Aid Workers and their families working in country
  • For First Responders, Mental Health Workers, Medical Personnel and others working in their home country but with the Spanish Speaking population
  • For adolescents and adults of all ages


What will this program do for you?

  • It will help you speak and understand through a focus on phonetics
  • It will help you understand how to conjugate verbs, but through patterns of sound, NOT memorization
  • It will help you gain the skills and confidence necessary to reach a conversational level of Spanish
  • It will give you the extra support you need while studying in a formal education setting, e.g. University, High School or Immersion in-country, etc.
  • It will help you development a network of other students that are serious about their Spanish study