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What do we do in this section?

We study little by little every day. In this section you study at your own pace and with the intensity you can handle in a productive way. We clarify grammar topics by explaining them from the perspective of the Spanish speaker.

Luis and Joan share with you their own insights of teaching and learning Spanish in short-length video tutorials that explains culture, vocabulary, world-view, grammar and reflections of the process of learning Spanish.

This program is for all ages. There is always something to learn especially if the way of learning is the way we all learn our own language. Just observe how children learn: they observe, they listen, they repeat, they imitate and they interact. This is what we do in this section of La Casa Rojas.


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How do we do it?

You have self-defeating options and empowering options when learning Spanish.

The self-defeating options are: learning from a bulky text, a very fat dictionary, piles of vocabulary cards, and repetitive exercises from an overpriced DVD. These things teach you generic class-room Spanish, not the authentic Spanish familiar to native speakers all over the world.

Take your generic Spanish to Seville or Buenos Aires but prepare for disappointment. You won’t understand what you’re hearing. You won’t be able to converse with anyone. It’s a devastating experience. All that memorizing and repeating got you nowhere!

Fortunately, there’s a deeply empowering option embedded in your computer. It comes from La Casa Rojas and it’s called the “Day by Day” video series. Designed for learners from beginner to highly advanced, there are literally hundreds of these videos. You start where you choose and move ahead at the pace that best suits you.

Each video gives you authentic Spanish, not generic Spanish. You learn by listening, thinking, absorbing and participating, not by memorizing and repeating. Each video draws you into an engaging lesson in grammar.

Each one builds vocabulary—effortlessly. Each one rapidly advances your skills in listening and speaking. And what’s more, the videos do all this while opening windows for you into the richness of Hispanic art, music, cuisine, theater and politics. You learn about the people as you learn their language.

What a huge bonus!