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What do we do in this section?

This is where the rubber hits the road, why you want to learn Spanish at all. Reading and listening to articles written and voice-recorded by native speakers of a variety of Latin American countries will help you stay grounded in the real Spanish-speaking world. This is how Spanish is written, spoken and sounds. This is what these Hispanic contributors think, what is customary in their home, what they’d like you to know about them and their culture.

The Magazine – This is the gymnasium of the house – where you really work out what you’ve learned through reading and listening to articles written by native speakers who tell you about their lives and about the culture in their particular country.

La Revista – Esto es como el gimnasio de la casa. Aquí tienes material de lectura, con audio leído por el autor del artículo. Esta área es muy importante porque vas a entrenarte con audio, comprensión de lectura, y aspectos culturales.


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How do we do it?

The idea is simple. Bring together under one roof, writers from Hispanoamerica and Spain and give them an assignment: Tell us all about your country and what it is like for you to live there.

What you get when you ask for this information, is something really fascinating and akin to genetics. Though the basic features and characteristics that distinguish one country from another are rather starkly identifiable, the combinations with which these features and characteristics manifest in profile are endlessly variable.

As a result we are given a unique and sacred opportunity to see a person’s world through their particular eyes, informed by their particular history, life circumstances and motivations. This is the essence of personal and communal truth, which without access, we have not a prayer to know our neighbor.

Our tools

The interface is simple. You can read the article on your computer or print it out. You can listen to the article being read by its author on your computer or download the audio file to your mobile listening devise. You can read the article entirely in Spanish, translate the entire page into your language or just pass your mouse over a word here and there for some extra support in your language.