We can provide support in two ways: Technical and Instructional

1. Technical: This is related with the mechanical aspect of this web. Our web was designed to be a useful learning tool for the Spanish language student. In this way, this learning tool should work in any computer and mobile device without mayor problems. Also, the process of registration, login and cancellation has been configured to work with high standards for a subscription based website. We support any issue related to this description. Please visit the following links for additional information: F.A.Q. and System Requirements


2. Instructional: This web is not intended to be static or completely automatized. Language learning is an organic and rich human experience. We will be providing advice and guidance to our Premium students by answering email or interacting in the web. Our Forum section will be serving to this purpose as well soon. You can see us as your mobile Spanish language adviser. For instance:


If you are a Premium member and:


  • a student (high-school or university institute level) and have a test coming up, you can contact Luis to give you suggestions on how best prepare for that test.
  • a student of Spanish abroad and feel frustrated with your hectic day trying to understand locals…well, talk to Luis and Joan
  • a student of Spanish with the purpose of becoming fluent or conversant for personal goals or work goals, contact us so we can brainstorm ideas on how to proceed with your instruction
  • a student and want to plan a trip to a Spanish speaking country, you can contact us for ideas for your trip.
  • a student who is looking for a language school to study at then you can contact us so we can give you some ideas of what to expect from the school. Luis even can make a call to the school in your behalf if necessary.

Buena suerte con tu practica de español